Business Activities


- Covering companion animals, livestock, and aquatic animals
- Using original technologies to differentiate products from others on the market
- Evidence-based market creation
- Ensuring competitive advantage based on marketing strengths


(Including in-licensed products)

Product Category Dosage Form Active Ingredients Species
Canine epilepsy Tablet Zonisamide (PDF 192KB) Dogs
Gastro prokinetic agent Tablet Mosapride citrate (PDF 90KB) Dogs
Canine heart failure Tablet Alacepril (PDF 49KB) Dogs
Antibiotic Tablet
Orbifloxacin Tablet (PDF 103KB)
Orbifloxacin Injection (PDF 91KB)
Dogs, cats
Antibiotic/antifungal, dermatitis, otitis externa Topical cream Orbifloxacin Miconazole nitrate Triamcinolone acetonide Cream (PDF 97KB) Dogs, cats
Anesthetic Inhalant Sevoflurane Dogs
Anesthetic Inhalant Isoflurane Dogs
ID and measurement of body temperature ID microchip   Dogs, cats
Anti-inflammatory Eye drops Pranoprafen Dogs
Anti-inflammatory, corneal ulcer Eye drops Acetylcysteine Dogs, cats
Cataract Eye drops Pirenoxine Dogs
Antibiotic Eye drops Lomefloxacin, fluoroquinolone Dogs
Anti-inflammatory Eye drops Difluprednate Dogs
Antibiotic Injection Orbifloxacin Cattle, pigs
Cholagogue Injection Ursodeoxycholate Cattle, pigs
Anthelmintic Oral paste Ivermection Horses
Anthelmintic Oral paste Ivermection
Inactivated Iridovirus
Injection   Fish
Inactivated Iridovirus-Streptococcicosis-
Vibriosis Combined Vaccine
Injection   Fish

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